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Winner favourites/ Loosing Favourites

S GANAPATHY(28)------20 /12
S PADMANABHAN(20)-10 /14
DARIUS(15)----------------10 /04
K GANAPATHY(07)------05 /11
A MANGALORKAR(11)-05 /04
M P MAHESH(05)---------04 /03
S NARREDU(06)----------04 /01
BYRAMJI(08)--------------03 /05
V LOKANATH(07)--------03 /01
I GHATALA(10)-----------02 /05
NA PONNAPPA(04)-------02 /03
M ESHWER(05)------------01 /05
F ARSHAD(05)-------------01 /02

The true caliber of a good trainer is when he can perform with mediocre horses, get winners with average jockeys, keeps the animals healthy & racing fit .The most important factor is when he can earn some money for the owners & not burden them with bills & excuses for failures. Accordingly one should look at the winning /loosing percentage of the trainers & one of the criteria for that is to see the performance of the respective favorites. It must be remembered that a horse is made favorite by the bookies on the single most criteria of load of wagering by the connections. Fashionably bred, pedigreed horses & track blazers go negative in the ring if the money is not wagered, we have so many examples of the same. MAM’S horses for example can go from odds on to 6 to one in a matter of 10 minutes.

The most impressive trainer during the season was Darius whose favorites were heavily backed & obliged. MP Mahesh with very few horses proved that it is dangerous to eat his favorites. Newcomer K Ganapathy was perhaps the fall guy of MAM stables. He has performed the worst. I Ghatala was consistent though winning mostly with non-favorites. Ponnappa woke up during the season after a dismal show for two seasons.
The trainers who were non-triers during the season are M Eshwer, Z Darashah & Samar Singh. They may be planning to win a few races during Mysore.

The most disappointing performance was by Dhariwal stables .Despite having V Malya as the owner & with crop from Burden Of Proof & Brave Act it was a pathetic show. I wonder why doesn’t Mr Malya look for alternatives. H is horses from the same sires are performing reasonably under P Shroff in Western India.


B PRAKASH----------15 /20
APPU-------------------13 /15
M ZAHARA -----------11 /13
NARREDU------------ 07 /06
M NARREDU----------05 / 03
S JOHN------------------05/ 04
AADESH--------------- 02/ 00
M KRISHNA------------02 /00
V COLGAN-------------02 /02
I CHISTY----------------02/ 02

A good rider is who can clinch victory from jaws of defeat; get the animal at his fastest when it matters, who is respected by his compatriots & has a high % of backed winners.

M Zahara from Australia was perhaps better than all this season. Appu was the darling of the punters for getting winners at better odds. S Narredu is continuously on the up ,he will be the best Indian jockey very shortly. S John & M Krishna are good as claiming jockeys.

Jockeys on the decline are Y Srinath whose head bobs up & down when riding, age is catching up. M narredu is controversial as ever as most horses, which are given a run by him, win under lesser-known jockeys during the season. J Christofer has disappointed, he needs to be more honest with himself.


CHINA VISIT------------09
A ALWASHEEK--------07
C HERO-------------------06
R KINGDOM------------05
I CITY---------------------05

The very basic of racing is good breeds win more oftener & in varying & trying conditions. A horse is a horse for a commoner but a thoroughbred is a jewel in the eyes of a beholder who understands pedigrees.

Placerville & Razeen have dominated the Indian racing scene in the last decade. Placerville is perhaps more effective when there is a bit of cut in the going vis- a- vis Razeen who likes the turf to be firm. China Visit with whom the breeders plan to maintain their stable’s glory has given glimpse of his capabilities. He may not be another Razeen but he is cut above most others, his progeny have performed well over sprints. Black Cash pedigree is not well represented at Bangalore hence we shall watch their progress at Pune.

Burden Of Proof & Local Talent’s progeny likes soft going & accordingly they performed decently in the season. Diffident doesn’t have many runners otherwise he would have been way up the list. He should be followed at Pune.


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