Monday, April 13, 2009

1. I am from the group of racing people who have maintained that M Narredu is one of the most over rated jockeys in our country who has been often involved in controversies for some obviously doubtful rides on strongly public fancies over the years. My fears came true once again in the Indian Derby. He continues to get patronage from the top racing owners and trainers and with alarming continuity keeps loosing when most fancied by the public.

2. SET ALIGHT was the best horse as per most pundits and commoners who are involved in any way with racing in India. After many years we have a filly that is cut above all other horses and she kept on reconfirming this faith in all her outings. The main target for the connections was obviously the most coveted title and the superbly rich purse of the Indian Derby. There were no worries about the capabilities of this top fillies who was very well prepared by one of the good trainer’s in our country and after a long time the filly was getting backable odds of half money.

3. The race got away with no hoppers like GO GUZZI GO and TELSTAR cutting up a very decent pace. The most worrying part for the followers of SET ALIGHT was that the rider decided to keep her well engaged with niggling her for 3rd place well up with the pace in this staying race whereas most other serious contenders were kept off some lengths behind and were being conserved for the final stages of the race. The filly was game and kept chasing the leader even as a serious challenger in ABS FABS ranged up along side. All knowledgeable people know that one should make the move at the appropriate time and that the Mumbai straight is grueling in staying races. ICEBREAKER had recently lost to a couple of ordinary fillies in the Indian Oaks because of this factor. The race was lost by the jockey (who has done most of his racing at this course) at the bend itself when for some inexplicable reason he decided to hit the front like apprentice jockeys do on entering the straight with the field warming up behind his mount. Even good horses can not make up for the tactical lapses and despite the capability for what would have been an exciting win by a couple of lengths, the filly was tired out only to be caught near the post by a long shot who had very few takers based on his previous record against most runners participating here. I do not think the filly did not stay like many defenders of this hopeless jockey state. The filly was done in by the basic poor judgment by the rider. I hope he got a mouthful from the connections that erred in trusting their mount to him. I am very confident she will prove this point when ridden by even a normal jockey in the Invitation Cup.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Sarat Sharma:

Your comments falls in line with Usman Rangeela and many others. What the common people and even acknowledged tipsters fail to see is the number of things going against Set Alight. Every one of them blindly accepted that Set Alight just cannot be beaten.Added to this all the leading papers and websites painted RED RED pictures and went ga ga.

Rest assured that for me Malesh is one of the negative jockeys.

Why was Set Alight worked 14 times after winning the RR Ruia cup so fluently. If you add up the horse has worked some 16000 meters. Both the veterns of yester years Mr.Bani Wood and Uttam singh were always used in insists on all, not to burn the wards in the track before the classics. Why did Pessi do that? Before blaming Malesh you need to check on this point.

No.2. in the 1000 Guineas the commentator comments i.e look at Set Alight moving like a Ferrari was unwarranted. To any keen observering eyes it was very conspicuous that Icebreaker who unfit and looking so dull in the paddock still finished just 2 and half lengths. No real punter worth his salt will buy all that Ferrari stuff.Icebreaker was looking dull again in the oaks and Riyasat beat her hollow.(handicap rating if this filly on that race day was 45)

No.3.The FF and TR of the reckoning horses were as under.
Set Alight 23.47 and 94
Autonomy 23.78 and 108
Dancing Dynamite 23.78 and 107
Juventus 23.78 and 106
Antonions 23.53 and 104
with such a close FF and TR anything could have happened.

My personal view is Set Alight irrespective of how Malesh rode it (mind you this is the same horse which malesh rode in Banglaore and won by distance in the Derby)would have won hands down had the connections had not burned out the horse in the track in their anxity to present the owner a great gift.

There are still so many other points Mr.S.Sharma which were going against Set Alight if you care to dig deep rather than blowing hot and cold on the Malesh ride.

Just for the records no filly in the history of racing has retired to the stud without loosing a race.Look deep and you will find it.Do you get me Mr.Sharma?


Anonymous said...

I srongly agree with Ravi here, why Set Alight worked 14 times after winning so fluently.

Mr Mirza on live TV gives the verdict "jockey should have waited", but I want to ask him 2 questions

Q1 - 14 times (is some thing wrong with the filly or connections want to burn....

Q2 - Why Malesh? (every one knows Malesh record and you have choosen him for the big race)

Rest assured that for me also Malesh is one of the negative jockeys.


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