Tuesday, April 21, 2009


1. FIRST N IMPRESSION is at a stiff handicap with a very average jockey. PAINTED BOY won well and has the allowance jockey for a repeat. SANGREAL is a bit improved, the tracks are fine. BERYL raced in front last time, may run on board in higher class.


2. JEWEL HUNT is a failed favorite who is working well, the jockey is a dampener. KOHINOOR EMPIRE ran a very encouraging 4tyh against better horses, has a very good chance. SUBROOS is improved, should be in the fray. FLY AGAIN has a place chance.


3. QUEEN AMEDALE is tracking well, has a non try jockey. HERO’S POWER has been denied free runs, the jockey is known for some very blatant pull rides. ASWA PRABHA is again a candidate for place. THE PRAETORIAN has come down a lot, may be an end of the season gamble for the top stable.


4. QUALITY ASSURANCE is maintaining form. BLACK CHETAK is a very speedy type. ASHWA PANAMA is a candidate for hat-trick, has a stiff penalty to defy. REAL QUEEN has run with better types, may upset.


5. BISMARK is one of the end of season types, it had won under this very rider at the fag end of last years season, may do so again. AFREEN is in good form. ENDLESS STRIDES may overcome his deformities to run on board. DAZZLING LIGHT is tracking well.


6. SOLITARY MAN has been consistent, needs a stronger riderthough. DIVINE THUNDER has come down in class. LITTLE CUT is in winning form. TAPIS is catching the eye in works.





Dear Sharat Sharma,

It needs a lions heart to review own performance & accept the true but pinching critisim done by others.

I believe being an Ex. Service Men You have a big heart.

We all know " Every Work Is Not Within The Capacity Of ALL " You must be very successfull in some other field but certainly not in the line of selection for Horse Racing Field.

I donot want to let you down, but it is a fact based on long and continuous OBSERVATION.

You may argue tha many a time your 1st. selection has WON or on board, but please check that it is a common selection given by all moast all (Mostly Fav.)
When Ever Fav is out of board you are also failed.

At a few moment you have given your selection which is different than other commonn selection and you very well know that selection has nnever come in board.
My Dear friend, There is a serious need of change in your WAY OF SELECTION. I know it is a herculien task and at least I cannot do it.

If You also find it difficult please take Your Own Decission, Why To Continue?

The above is a fact meant for improvement and by no means to heart your sentiment.

With Regards.

Surendra Prasad Sao

Dear sir,
I am the one writing on the message board of racing pulse by the name Cyber Cop. I had started a new message board on Indian racing http://www.indianracing.co.in . Hope to see topics from your site on that board. can we possibly exchange links

Anonymous said...

Delhi 24/04/09 selections.

Race no. (1)...1-6-3
Race no. (2)...1-5-4
Race no. (3)...6-4-5
Race no. (4)...2-5-7
Race no. (5)...4-1-2
Race no. (6)...1-6-4.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr SAO,
Predicting or forecasting winners in racing is based mainly on handicapping. Favorites are decided by the book makers who are good handicappers themselves, and not by the turf club authorities or the betting public. Betting on favorites or eating / avoiding the favorite is the name of the game. Fancying long shots is the sure way to burn a hole in ones pocket, you may win only once in a while .
2. Race books like COLE, BOL , VEL etc have been selling for years and if one was to deduce the percentage of winners predicted it would be around 30-40% in almost all cases. This % is considered good in racing parlance and if one can get these figures at an average he has the hang of racing.
3. There are a number of blogs and people who tip only wild fancies, try following them for a while or follow the percentage people and then judge for yourself how it effects your pocket.
4. I try to give out my views without reference to any race books or odds, it just happens that my method may be similar to the race books etc. I feel that I may be average in predicting winners but when a favorite is not tipped by me it generally fails to win.
5. I post my views after going through the inputs and often I am short of time because it is always a rush against time, sometimes one is not very clear.
6. I cant say how good I was when in service, that is besides the point, but today I feel I can help anyone seeking any type of info on Indian racing and breeding, try me if you ever need any help or if you intend to buy a race horse.
Thanks for the advise, let me see how I can improve.
sarat sharma

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