Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The heat is on in the capital and we come to the end of the longest season in the country. How things have not changed much here is evident from the way the schedule of racing is carried on in continuous monotony right from Jul / Aug to the end of Apr with no break whatsoever. This year however the equine flu gave a surprise break but the racing at the capital has been run very non methodically over the years by the management for reasons best known to them. The only pliable explanation which is often voiced is that there is a longish summer in the North and hence the aim is to utilize the better climatic conditions to the hilt. No thought of the hard grind on the animals is ever considered. I have seen horses running 30 to 40 times during the season. What a difference from the Western part of the country where the animals at an average run 25 times in their whole racing career.

1. SHAITAN has been running forward races and has been fancied in last couple of runs, Rajinder gives him a fair chance to finally win. PRIVATE EYE who has been tracked often ran disappointingly in last outing. SPICY MOVE may place. LAND CRUISER was a close 5th, has a good jockey. TE QUIERO has been given gates after reaching here, should be in the thick of things at this handicap here.


2. YARE had won start to finish in higher class in the winters, he has been tracked and has a better jockey. RICH GALLERY was well prepared in the tracks, he shocked at good odds as the lack of a run made the public ignore the animals chances, should run well despite the penalty. NOTHING IMPOSSIBLE is at low weights. VIRGINIA WOOLF may surprise.


3. BLACK THUNDER and RAWSON have only outside chance to place based on their performance so far. The three serious contenders are SUBROOS who is definitely improved in last couple of runs, SARIR who is always running under the merciless stick of the riders and the late prepared SAPPHIRE who was a good 2nd in last run.


4. CUSTER has not done any thing throughout, may be able to get into money in the end as the handicap is good. GORGEOUS BLUE has been running forward races. ASHWA PRABHA was a very impressive winner who looks likely to repeat. MURBAN is a failed favorite with a weak jockey. SOLITARY MAN runs well at low weights.


5. ROMARIO is a dickey legged horse who may fight out. NUCLEUS has been prepared after having been bought down, may deliver. BERYL surprised in his last win, looks tough to repeat. FIDEL DEFENSOR is a youngster sold off by Lagad , may be running for a win in this poor company.


6. SUNEHRA PARINDA has a sunehra chance with the top jockey but it is often seen that in Delhi winners of maidens race do not normally win in class IV straightaway. FIRST N IMPRESSION has been running well up in all the outings, may place. GAME OF TALENT who was a big failure down under ran a suggestive race, still cant see it winning. SANGREAL looks better than rest on handicap.


7. TIME AND AGAIN is an aged horse who has been scrubbed in works. MELBA has a decent chance with the apprentice jockey to win first time in career. AFREEN has been suggestive in last couple of outings. OPERA ROYALE should like the distance if not the heat of this track.





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