Saturday, February 27, 2010

A very interesting occurence took place today at the Bangalore race course prior to the first race.There was an air of certainty about the chances of the favorite ABNOBA as apart from having run 4th before and tracked well it so happened that their was talk of the day being the owner's birthday . The horse was backed down to odds on and a fair volume of bets were accepted by the bookies. at cramped odds. During the horses parade in the paddock a couple of our wise trainers who were habitualy gossiping about the condition and chances of the runners happened to reason with each other that ABNOBA was looking fat and heavy and hence could not win.
Some very wise followers were quick to seize this information and there was a beeline for negative bets on the horse. From 85 /100 odds on the price shot up with each wager and in five minutes the horse was quoted at 4 to 1.
So much so for our trainers astute eyes and the very wise public who happen to be followers of gossip mongers .The fat looking horse shamed the whole lot by winning against a leaner looking lot.


sham said...

Thanks for the info, I was there but not aware of the gossip and drifting odds. keep posting such musings...I do appreciate

Rajendra said...

You must name the 'wise' trainers, so that we may 'follow' their wards in future races.

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