Saturday, May 29, 2010


A tough card awaits the race goers today and the day is likely to be dominated by outsiders and longer odds striking. The performance of the mature and well thought of jockey’s has been disappointing so far with B Prakash,Y Srinath and M N areddu yet to win a race. Apart from some handsome wins from Suraj other local riders have been a let down. South African jockey Simpson has been very impressive and looks likely to win more races in the season. The horses which are looking good today have average riders hence need to be backed with caution. For a change many Hyderabad horses who come here basically for fitness are in with a decent chance as the local horses are not prepared and are short of fitness and class. ATHABASCA STAR and ASTRAL FLASH look good on paper, let us see whether they deliver or not.

1. WORK FORCE has tracked well in winters, has the jockey for the occasion and has a decent chance in this mediocre field. PARTAGAS looks backward in trials, may be going for a run only. The decently bred ARYAVEER from Hyderabad has been prepared, the mock race and track work suggest the horse will be tried. COWBOY CAL is by a good mare who gave a decent type in HOPE SPRINGS, the connections are betting types, the rider is average. LIBERTY SHIP is the best performed so far but has a work jockey.


2. A poorly named colt GLUTEUS MAXIMUS has a decent rider, may be tried. ELITE LAND has been pulled when loosing as a hot favorite, can run away from them all if backed by the wily owner. HARD TO PIN DOWN has shown out in tracks, the breeding is average. SPARK OF ATAN is my choice for a place in this race, it was not allowed to go all out in winters by the rider and yet finished on board, the half brother to RED DAWN is looking improved. ATHABASCA STAR should lead all the way, the average rider is just to keep it going.


3. AMBER STAR was a faraway 3rd last week, the horse will be going for money again. INSPIRATOR is working well, should be fancied in this lot. IT’S MY PARTY has been given easy runs in winters, the present tracks are good, the brother to ROYAL ARTIST may be a gamble today. SERAPH should be running for fitness, the rider is average.


4. ATLANTUS is a good type who can scare them all even at top weight. ASTRAL FLASH looks good based on last years runs, can B Prakash be trusted on an odds on is the question. RIMPUCHE has worked well and the rider should be fighting out. EINSTEIN is maintaining form.


5. STAR ASSEMBLY has an outside chance, the latest work was impressive. TOPKAPI looks short of work, has won easily at staying distances before, needs to be ignored as the trainer is suspended. ANGEL FIRE is speedy type, has an average jockey. THE SPARTAN has come down by loads, can strike on backing. GREENS is at a comfortable handicap.


6. SPARKLING ADVENTURE is a fighter who doesn’t give up easily, all have to match him in the straight. SPOT ON is the black type winner from Hyderabad who may be tried. , the gates were suggestive. CORBETT has not run for long, one should remember that this horse was backed to 40 paisa on the opening day of last year’s summers and had flopped. STAR WAVE is an unreliable mare who has flopped often. STONE OF DESTINY finished on to get into money in last run, can repeat for place.


7. COULEUR ROUGE showed out in a fighting win, has worked well and should be considered. MOOVES GOODENOUGH is looking very fit in tracks. POWER COLOURS is tracking well. SPARK OF NAPOLEON was an impressive winner who has been shaped up for the task today.


8. FOSWELL has tracked well however the jockey is average on this well bred colt. STUD MUFFIN is half brother to black type MISS EVERYWHERE, the tracks of this colt indicate much improvement from winters. MARK OF GENIUS is half brother to good type JOIN THE PARTY, has a questionable jockey. BRAVE CAT is bred for speed, the half sister to black type AVEC PLAISIER and speedy IKARIA has a chance to upset. CARLA is looking good from tracks, the breeding is not to my taste, the earlier two from the mare flopped and the grand dam produced horses with fitness problems.





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