Monday, June 7, 2010

1. The general trend of racing so far has been punter friendly with 50 % favorites obliging, though a fair number have been at miserly odds. On the other side ,32 % “jodis” have been knocked out by outsiders winning. So don’t bank on second favorites to win, either go for the favorite or eat/lay on a “jodi” to be a winner.
2. As expected the offspring’s of BURDEN OF PRROF have done well like the last few years and so far 7 have won, more will be winning in the coming days. When in doubt go for his progeny. GASWAR has been the next best with 6 wins which shows how well he has done after being relocated at Galloping Acres/ Doaba farms whose mares stock has been nicking very well.
3. Jockey J G Sampson seems to be a real good pro in the services of Mr V Mallya’s trainers. His riding, temperament and judgment of the local conditions and opposition has been a treat . Apart from local champion Suraj , no one is in the same league. Follow the two to profit. In fact the blind followers of Suraj and Simpson must have made a bonanza on some of their wins were at good odds. I would also like to mention the tremendous improvement shown by apprentice S Zervan who is a changed rider from what he was in Western India. There is an acute shortage of good jockeys and one wishes for more of the sincere and positive kind who do justice to their mounts. Old timer jockeys have gone on the decline for various reasons, B Prakash, Y Srinath, Appu etc should be avoided when they are on favorite mounts, their present performance is disheartening, there are serious doubts about the intent as well.
4. No trainer has been consistent to be worth a mention except for the duo of Attaolhi and Dhariwal, a lot in their performance can be attributed to the BURDEN OF PROOF and SIMPSON factor. S Padmanabhan is back in business and he is the one who has always done well in summer seasons for last ten years or more. Like last year there should be some good competition from Arjun, Irfan and Neil who have some good ones in their yards.
5. The impressive winners to me have been SWEET CAROLINE, LOVE CONQUERS ALL, ELOISE, AZTEC GOLD, STRING ALONG,SUN KINGDOM, IMMENSE, CARLA in the youngsters group and SPRINT STAR, DUKE OF EDINBURGH, SHOTGUNN and SPEARHEAD in the mature group. These horse should do well in further racing .Of the beaten batch CON ARTISTE, SUNSET BOULEVARD, SIACHEN, ATHABASCA STAR, ART CONNOISSEUR, STAR ASSEMBLY, ONASSIS, TANZANITE, ALLEZ VITTE and MAKE MY DAY may redeem soon.


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